Welcome to the USS Herodotus!

“The two most powerful warriors are patience and time."
-Leo Tolstoy-
(As inscribed on the dedication plaque of the USS Herodotus DTI-30656)

Aboard a star ship there's a special group of people who deal with Temporal events, these are their stories.

The year is 2395. Starfleet has determined that despite the Temporal Prime Directive incidents continue to occur involving time. A small Task Force of four vessels is ordered to be constructed by the Department of Temporal Investigations. They vessels would be tasked with patrolling time itself and rescuing anyone and anything that may be straded in time. The Department of Temporal Investigation (DTI) with the full blessing of Starfleet deploys the Thucydides Class Timeships to achieve this task. They are also charged with mapping all of the temporal anomalies and closing them if they can.

The USS Herodotus is tasked with patrolingl time itself. This vessel may be commissioned under a civilian body, but it is crewed by Starfleet. So the question is what of the Temporal Prime Directive. In short, their mission echoes their dedication plaque.

"The two most powerful warriors are patience and time."

The crew of the Herodotus will balance these warriors in an effort to pacify them. Do they have the patience to combat the greatest warrior... Time?

Join Captain Thorrin as he ventures through time and space itself in the greatest task one can undertake. Securing the future.


Browse the manifest to see what open positions interest you. Take a read of the crew posts and logs to see what we are made of. If this sounds like something you might be interested in being part of, then feel free to submit an application or alternative contacting Command through the 'Contact Us' button with any questions or queries you may have.

We welcome all writers. It doesn't matter if you have been role-playing in the Star Trek universe for less than a day or you are a veteran. All are welcome!

USS Herodotus is a proud 16th Fleet SIM! Join us now.

USS Herodotus is a Star Trek role-playing SIM that is played using Nova, a role-playing system developed by Anodyne Productions. You must be 15 or older to join this SIM!

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» Welcome Aboard

Posted on Sun Oct 28th, 2018 @ 1:41am by Captain Thorrin in General News

Greetings Everyone...

Just wanted to say welcome aboard the USS Herodotus. The first mission is open for posting. This is simply the crew arriving etc. This mission is a great way to get some character development going, and to establish your character. It will be a nice lead in for our second mission which will take us out of the station.

Start posting away, I am always available for joint posts. Just a couple of things about posting. First dates... You all will be boarding the ship at Starbase Phoenix in the Vordath Cluster. The actual date would be October 15 2395, but the timeline on your post should read MD001 or 2 etc followed by the time index 0200 hrs for example. Please put that date and the time of your post in the timeline section. For example; MD002 1330 hrs. Any back post that you may want to do such as character backstory before arriving at the starbase. Put the amount of time and then the words "before MD001". For example; 5 months before MD001 in the timeline. I can be found on the Herodotus as of MD001 or October 15 2395. He can also be found on the station after that date. Before October 15 neither the ship nor the Captain will be at the Starbase.

Second, ending your posts. In the ooc section of the Wiki you will find a signature page. I have created a Wiki for both PCs and NPCs. Please copy and paste the html code for your signature and place it at the bottom of your post. This is especially important on joint posts as it tells the other writers that you are done with the post and ready to send it up.

Take a look around the site, it is expanding every day. Thank you for joining the sim and I look forward to writing with you all. This is a niche sim and has always been a concept that I have wanted to run. So I am greatly looking forward to the great stories that we are going to tell.

Captain Thorrin
Commanding Officer
USS Herodotus DTI-30656