The Sim

Welcome aboard the USS Herodotus DTI-30656

We are a proud member of Task Force Phoenix. Our Sim takes place in the Vordath Cluster, a previously unexplored area of space. At the heart of the cluster is an alien station. Within the cluster it seems that temporal anomalies and temporal eddies swirl and ebb. In fact this cluster seems to be the crossroads of all time and universes. The Herodotus' presence indicates a real commitment on the part of the Department of Temporal Investigations to maintain the timeline.

The Herodotus is crewed by Starfleet, but reports to a civilian body. The Department of Temporal Investigations or DTI has the authority of this vessel. Aboard this star ship there's a special group of people who deal with Temporal events, these are their stories.

Please see LCARS and all of the information there to learn about this vessel. Have a read of some of our logs and comment if you are so inclined. If the eddies of time call to you file an application for this unique sim. The Herodotus is a Thucydides Class ship and is ready to take part in it's very own story. If you are interested in joining or have any questions please reach out to myself or the Executive Officer. Thank you for stopping by.

Captain Thorrin
Commanding Officer
USS Herodotus

Mikahi th'Rykov
Executive Officer
USS Herodotus