Like Sands Through The Hourglass

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Status Current Mission
Description The USS Herodotus puts in to Phoenix Command in the Vordath Cluster. The ship arrives with no one on board save for her Captain. An El Aurian named Thorrin. So the vessel here, the Captain is here but is her crew. The crew of the Herodotus boards their new home and get to know themselves and each other. However, they fail to realize that time is of the essence.
Start Date Wed Dec 31st, 1969 @ 3:00pm

Mission Posts

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Title Timeline Location
Time to meet the Skipper
by Captain Thorrin & Lieutenant Anahera Chernova
MD001 1500 hrs Captain's Ready Room, USS Herodotus
Time to Energize
by SCPO Michael Taggart & Lt Quinn Shaunessey
MD001 1300 hrs Temporal Transporter Room - Deck 4
Always Time..for pie
by Lieutenant Asvit Hap & Lt Quinn Shaunessey
MD001 1130 hrs Sick Bay
Thorrin's Man
by Captain Thorrin & Commander Orym Wixx
MD001 1130 hrs Deck 1 - Ready Room
Time Waits For No Man
by Captain Thorrin & Lt Quinn Shaunessey
MD001 0930 hrs Airlock USS Herodotus
This Is Our Finest Hour
by Captain Thorrin & Jerimiah Isaacs
MD001 - 5 Months before DTI Director's Office, Greenwich England, Earth

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