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Time to meet the Skipper

Posted on Thu May 23rd, 2019 @ 7:08am by Captain Thorrin & Lieutenant Anahera Chernova
Edited on on Thu Nov 21st, 2019 @ 2:44am

Mission: No Time Like The Present
Location: Captain's Ready Room, USS Herodotus
Timeline: MD001 1500 hrs

Having dropped of her gear in her new quarters, Anahera made her way to the Bridge. Crossing it she stood at the door to the Captain's Ready Room and pressed the chime.

Thorrin let his head slam onto his desk. All day it had been non stop door chime and hi you must be. He was done, but a Captain was never off duty and he knew it. "Come on in..." He sipped his umpteenth glass of wine although he had switched to a port due to the late hour.

Ana walked into the Ready Room. "Lieutenant Anahera Chernova, reporting aboard, sir." She said standing at parade rest in front of his desk.

"Please sit Lieutenant. No need to stand on formality here. Allow me to welcome you to the Herodotus. Would you like something to drink?" Thorrin said as he pointed to one of the chairs in front of his desk.

"Thank you, sir." Ana said taking a seat. "I'll take a coffee, Turkish style." She added as she took in her surroundings.

Thorrin fetched the drink from the replicator and set it in front of her. "So tell me why are you here? I mean why did you accept the posting here? This is not the most cushy of assignments and there will be little to no recognition for anything that you accomplish. In fact if you transfer out everything that happened here would be classified, so you would be unable to talk about it."

"Well, I thought time travel might be an interesting change of pace, and as for fame, I've found it isn't all its cracked up to be." Ana said before taking a sip of her coffee.

"Care to elaborate?" Thorrin replied, he was intrigued. Her record showed no incidents of temporal incursions. However, that could have been Isaacs at work.

"Well, I've managed to make enemies of the Klingon Empire and the Cardassian Union. I'm not on friendly terms with the Romulans, and the Orion Syndicate wants me dead." Ana said. "On the bright side, Bajor loves me."

"How did you manage to make enemies of all of those peoples. These are things that I need to know. For if the time streams intersect..." His voice trailed off as his train of thought went back to Janeway. He pushed that thought away and smiled at his Chief Engineer. "So tell me the story."

"During the Occupation of Bajor, I tortured and killed several Cardassian soldiers that were responsible for the rape and murder of my lover, also I provided weapons and supplies to the Bajoran Resistance." Ana said. "As for the Klingons, I helped the indigenous people of Raal II, repel a Klingon attack and killed the Klingon General in charge in CQC. I'm now a demon that Klingon parents use to keep their children in line." She paused a moment to sip her coffee before continuing "I murdered an Orion warlord and stole a piece of ancient and destructive tech from him, I couldn't let them upset the power balance in the galaxy. I was a criminal, but I do have some morals."

Thorrin sipped his drink as he took stock of his Engineer. "I take it this all occurred prior to your entrance into Starfleet."

"Yes, sir." Ana confirmed. "I've stayed out of trouble, for the most part since entering Starfleet."

"That is good to hear. Have you familiarized yourself with our drive systems? We have both a standard warp core and a temporal drive. You should also know that if needed Engineering can be commandeered to be the Bridge. Or Engineering deck is definitely not like any other in the fleet." Thorrin spoke rather proudly of his vessel. This ship had gotten him through five years and he knew it would get him through a lot more.

"I haven't used a temporal drive before, but I understand the mechanics involved in its function, and know how to repair it. I understand the Temporal Mechanics Department are in charge of its functioning." Ana said. "As for the standard warp drive, I don't see any problems running it."

"Essentially this ship is maintained by three departments. Engineering, Operations and Temporal Mechanics. The relationship between Ops and Engineering is the same here as it is on any vessel. However, the interaction between Engineering and Temporal Mechanics adds something new. You and your department are responsible for the repair and maintenance of the temporal systems and you should coordinate with Lieutenant Shaunessey. The Lieutenant is responsible for the operation of the systems. If that makes sense." Thorrin felt that it would be best to lay all of the cards on the table. As if she could not handle it now was the time for her to back out.

"Understood, Captain." Ana said. "I have already met Lieutenant Shaunessey and I don't foresee any problems working with him."

"Excellent, well I will let you get to the task of settling in. Once the crew is fully aboard we will be shoving off. That is unless you have any questions for me." Thorrin sized the woman up, she was short and to the point. Very efficient and that would do nicely for him, and all the plans that he had.

"Sir, will there be times when the crew will be required to take part in Away missions?" Ana asked.

"Always as is standard on any starship." Thorrin replied matter of factly. He wondered where she was going with this line of question.

"I only ask as I believe I could be of use on an Away Team." Ana replied.

"Of course! I usually leave selection of away teams up to the XO. However, I am sure that he will select those that would be best to complete the mission at hand. Away teams from this vessel are a lot different than what most are used to. For example uniforms are rarely required or used on away missions, and extensive briefings are required to make sure that we do not contaminate the timeline." Thorrin replied and he had to admit to himself that he was rather intrigued why this woman was so intent on being on an away team.

"Understood, sir." Ana said. "I haven't met many of my mother's people, but I see there are several aboard the Herodotus, is that by design?" She asked.

"One might think so but in truth it just worked out that way. The crew of this vessel was selected after meticulous screening by myself and Director Isaacs. However, I would be a poor Captain if I did not enjoy the fact that a number of El Aurians are here. Our people are uniquely suited for patrolling the timeline." Thorrin said with a broad smile.

Ana smiled back. "I think I'm going to like it here." She said.

"Well I hope so Lieutenant, I certainly hope so. Well if I am not mistaken, I have a ship's launch to plan complete with welcoming for the Director and you have an Engineering deck to get in order. So, if that will be all?" Thorrin realized that the Engineer would be fairly easy to bring around to his thinking at least that was his impression of her. He would have to keep an eye on her before he revealed what he had planned.

Finishing her coffee, Ana stood. "Thank you for your time, sir." She said and left the room.

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Captain Thorrin
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USS Herodotus DTI-30656

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